Welcome to the Petopia blog! This blog is an adjunct of Petopia, a picture guide to hunter companions in the World of Warcraft. I am the current editor of Petopia and as I explain on the about page, this blog is intended as a place where I can be a bit chattier than I have space for on the site itself. And as you will soon find out, I can be very chatty.

A couple of random notes: Mania is both my nom de plume here and on the site, and also my main (but far from only) character in WoW. This can sometimes be confusing as I switch back and forth between the two contexts, and I’ll complicate matters by occasionally writing in quasi-character. As I type this, Mania is level 66 and seems likely to be stuck there for awhile — I leveled to 70 in the Burning Crusade beta and I’m currently in a “wander around the world picking flowers and sight-seeing” phase. Thankfully, she’s an herbalist so this is not a total waste. I would like to get my flying mount (again), though. There is nothing quite like doing loop-de-loops through the middle of a Fel Reaver.

Mania has spent most of her leveling time with Cloud, a beautifully dappled Twilight Runner that I picked up at level 23. (You can see a picture of us together, with me in my full suit of Bloodlust armor, on the about page.) I’ve tamed a huge number of other pets in my lifetime, but except for a few short stints with a wolf and a scorpid, I’ve done all of Mania’s leveling with this cat. Recently, however, I decided that I needed more hunting experience with other pet families and so I started on the Grand Experiment: leveling 20 different hunter characters, each associated with a different pet family. Obviously there needs to be some doubling up, since you can’t hunt with a warp stalker (for example) from level 10. But I worked out exactly who (race & faction) I wanted to have what pet, and ended up with ten Horde and ten Alliance characters more or less evenly spread between the races. I haven’t even created all of them yet, but I am well on my way with a windserpent, bat, raptor and hyena.

One question I am often asked is: How did you come up with the idea for Petopia? To which I have to answer: I didn’t. Petopia is the brain child and largely the creation of Brash Endeavors, a most talented woman whom I first met via the venerable MMO Asheron’s Call. I got involved with Petopia a good while after it launched, first as a grateful user and then as someone who occasionally contributed content. Then last year Brash mentioned that she was moving on to other games for a time and I volunteered to keep the site up to date. I think I’ve been relatively successful with that so far, although I do tend to get very behind on my e-mail and there are several large projects and about a billion small ones that I keep putting off — like bringing back the page of most popular pets.

Actually, that particular project is well under way — and indeed would have been my main focus this weekend if it weren’t for patch 2.1 on the Public Test Realm. Instead I’ve been checking out rumors and playing around with Cobra Reflexes. Indeed, I expect that to be the topic of my next post here. But for right this instant, I think this is enough random blather.


3 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. cat64fish Says:

    I hope you bring back the page on popular pets .. I liked the original and was disappointed when it was taken down after the patch that regularised the pets. Some history in the hunter evolution would be nice, just to see what worked, what went wrong etc.

    Will keep watching this site for updates. Keep up the good work!


  2. Mania Says:

    Working on it! :>

    But can you tell me more about what you mean by “some history in the hunter evolution would be nice”? I am not sure I understand.

  3. ralcyon Says:

    I think that catfish was referring to the little notes on the list like, “This wolf was once renowned for its ability to do shadow dmg but now attacks like every other wolf.” Showing why some pets are so common today even if they have identical stats to everyone else now.

    Myself, I appreciate the heck out of this site. I’m the (appointed) class leader for my family guild and this website makes me look like a genius when it comes to knowing what there is to know about various pet families, talents, etc.

    Thank you for a job well done.

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