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Well, I’m back. My little business trip didn’t go as well as I had hoped, but life is like that sometimes. Perhaps it’s for the best — I wouldn’t have had as much time for Petopia if the project I was pitching this weekend had gotten off the ground. Anyway, while napping on the plane I realized that I had probably better get my butt in gear and level Mania up to 70.

I’ve been putting it off — grinding in the beta turned me off of Outland content for a bit — but with patch 2.1 on the PTR I’m finding that not having a flying mount is seriously impacting my ability to check up on new information. Those tantalizing purple dodos, for instance — try as I might my trusty kodo mount just can’t quite leap over to their floating island, and my plan to build a bridge from my own corpses has fallen sadly short.

So this evening I logged into my real world (that is, not the PTR) and got ready to go out adventuring. First, I had to change out of my terribly fashionable (but also just plain terrible) Bloodlust armor and back into the bits and pieces I’ve put together so far in Outland. Thankfully, it doesn’t clash too badly right now — sure, the cloak is gold and the gloves bright blue, but the pants and shoulders are mostly greyish … and anyway no one bothers to laugh at my clown armor because they are too busy laughing at the moldy old wolf helm I’m wearing!

But changing left me with a small problem, since there wasn’t any room in my bank to stow the old armor. I’ve learned from experience that I can’t go out adventuring with a full backpack — I’m a compulsive collector and it’s almost physically painful for me to leave loot (good or bad) on a corpse. And goodness forbid I run across a chest! Or herbs! So that meant a bank cleaning session …

But as I said, I’m a compulsive collector. Items generally end up in my bank because I can’t bear to part with them, so cleaning out my bank — even just enough to make room for a single set of armor — is not a simple operation. I eventually decided just to send the excess junk to my bank mule, knowing full well that she can’t carry it either, but trusting the mail system to hold my items for a couple of weeks while I deliberately don’t think about the problem. I could load it onto one of my other eight characters — but what happens when I decide I really need to play one of them next week? I just got through cleaning up from the last time I did that!

At any rate, now I am theoretically ready to go level! But not right now — dinner is ready and there’s an awful TV show to watch (Blood Ties — I don’t recommend it, but I can’t stop watching) and after that I promised to help my husband with his book-selling thing on Amazon. I just hope I get a chance to play before my stuff mysteriously generates more stuff. I swear it does that while I’m not watching.


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  1. drakkena550 Says:

    Hehe, sounds like you’ve had quite the busy week! Oh yes! Letting you know, I’ve worked on a new Taming Guide for the Petopia site (I think I e-mailed it to you forgot) about how an Alliance Hunter can go tame one of the Springpaw Lynx or Dragonhawks from the Blood Elf Starter area.

    It’s a HECK of a challenge for lowbie hunters but the end results are well worth it. >.> Now I can’t wait til the newest patch, higher level white warp stalkers!

    – Drakkena

  2. arianfox Says:

    Wow, someone else that has that bankspace/bagspace issue. Your story is so the same as mine there lol.

    re: Springpaw Lynx. At level 64 (night elf) I decided that I so wanted one, as I think they are the cutest cat in the game, and i was prepared (or so i thought) for the long hard grind to get him up to my level. To get him it was just a case of flying to Lights Hope Chapel, jumping on my mount and going for a ride. Getting to the BE Start place was easy, only agroed a couple of level 65 guards, but was able to outrun them. I ended up taming a level 1 cub (even cuter) but he grew as soon as I had him so I dont think it would make any difference which one you get.

    Then it was off to Outland. He dinged to one bar shy of level 4 with the first kill, and dinged again with each kill there after until about level 12 or 13. I didn’t realise how much a hunter depends on their pets until I started all this.

    So after a lot of grinding, a few of the easier quests, and grouping with a rogue friend I have him up to level 57 (although I am now almost level 67). He is just starting to make a dent in the mobs, and holding a little bit of agro if I leave him to it for long enough. But it really is becoming a grind now :(

    On a brighter note, I still think he is best looking cat in game, and i love him so much (named him Missing – as in Missing Lynx). I am always getting asked where I got him from, and people are always complimenting about how cool he looks.

    Thanks for the great site btw. this is my first comment left here

    Ariania – Turalyon

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