PTR Updated

I noticed when I got home from work tonight that the PTR has updated, with what appears to be a good sizable patch. I hear Hyjal is available for testing, although I have to admit that I’m not much interested unless there are new pets in there. *grin*

But more importantly, a bug that was causing the client to crash when a hunter opened their pet window on the PTR has been fixed. That bug was making things hard on me, so I am glad to see the last of it. The changes to the crab model are still there (on the PTR, crabs don’t have the hairy spikes down their back or under their legs), but I didn’t have time to check on the lion model yet.

Plus, I finally updated Petopia to include the info on that gorgeous purple tallstrider. (And thanks very much to bakedleech6 for the head’s up on these guys.)


5 Responses to “PTR Updated”

  1. darkbander Says:

    Love the updates and the blog! I blame the trinket skins for there not being spines on crabs. Lions are unchanged in the model viewer still. And on a completely random and likely unrelated blurb…in the model viewer…Fel Reavers have a dance emote. Go ahead, have yerself a laff :)

  2. unna Says:

    Are there any coords for those purple birds ^^? Can’t wait for them, but noone on the european ptr knows where they are…

  3. Mania Says:

    darkbander: By trinkets, do you mean the jewelry animals? I could see that. The trinket crabs existed before this update, though, yes?

    unna: I was going to link a thread I’d seen on the Blizzard hunter forums with a handy map, but now I can’t find it. Perhaps someone else has coords or a link?

    Incidentally, I’ve been told that the purple ‘striders aren’t actually called Dodostriders — they are apparently called “Lost Torranche”. Now I have to change all the filenames. *sigh*

  4. darkbander Says:

    Yeah, i meant the trinkets. The dark diamond crab admittedly would look rather odd with the spines. And yeah, theyve been around a while but they were so small i didnt look very closely at them.

  5. unna Says:

    Found them! On the island in the south of terrokar, quite a bunch of them.

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