Ding, dong! The witch is dead!

… is probably what some of my co-workers are humming to themselves today. Or rather, my ex-co-workers. Yes, today was my last day as a corporate shill. I am no longer part of the 9-to-5 (or more accurately, 10-to-7) world. I have left the Evil Empire! And to be honest, I hope that only a few of my old team are toasting my demise. I genuinely enjoyed working with them. It’s a great team and a good project, and I am confident that they will do just fine without me. But I wanted to strike out on my own — or mostly on my own. My husband and I are starting up a small business together.

What does this mean for Petopia? In the short term I should be able to update more frequently and probably finish some of those projects I’ve started. (I’m taking a few weeks to detox and arrange a cross-country move, but working on Petopia is enjoyable enough to count as detox.) After that we’ll have to see how much time this new thing eats up. It shouldn’t be any more than a more-than-full-time job took, anyway. But to be clear, I have no intention of abandoning the site — one of the reasons we’re doing this is because we believe that we should be able to make a living and still have time for our pet projects. (Heh! Pet projects.)


3 Responses to “Ding, dong! The witch is dead!”

  1. lure Says:

    Sounds like quite an adventure! Good luck with it all. And happy to hear Petopia is one of those things too important to leave behind ;-)

  2. jorelson Says:

    No worries & no rush! Take your time & get your RL in order first. Petopia has been a Godsend and I am more than willing to wait (as I am sure everyone else is!).

    Thanks for creating it and making my gaming experience that much better!!

    BTW, what business are you starting?

  3. Mania Says:

    Thanks, both of you. :>

    We’re starting with some casual games for the PopCap or Pogo market, and filling that out with contract programming as neccesary. My husband has been working on the first game while I brought home a steady paycheck, so it is almost ready to go. I will probably pimp it here when it launches (but only a little, I promise).

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