Named Windserpent in Netherstorm?

I got a report a few weeks ago about a named windserpent in Netherstorm. It was a second-hand report from a reader named Dolan — his friend had seen the creature but he hadn’t, and unfortunately he wasn’t sure of the name or exact location.

I haven’t been able to find anything through my normal avenues (including haunting the area on the PTR, obsessively seaching the forums, and checking the other pet sites that might have heard something), but I know that I myself am still running across rare spawns in Outlands that I havent heard about, so it seems possible that a named rare has slipped under the radar until now, or perhaps been introduced recently .

Anyway, if you have any info about a named windserpent in Netherstorm, please drop me a comment here or an e-mail at! I don’t have data collection software or anything, so I rely on my readers to let me know what’s up. :> Thanks!


2 Responses to “Named Windserpent in Netherstorm?”

  1. pyroshizzz Says:

    I found the windserpent, thinks he’s a shaman though! I will email you the screenshots I took, found him around the Tempest Keep

  2. Mania Says:

    I got the pictures you sent — thanks! Unfortunately, I think what you found was a fairly normal Swiftwing Shredder ( I will e-mail back and confirm, but I wanted to respond here as well.

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