Spring Cleaning

So despite all my good intentions — to jump right into updating and expanding Petopia this weekend, to catch up with e-mail and PTR info — I instead have found myself … cleaning the apartment. I hate it when the cleaning compulsion kicks in, because there isn’t much I can do about it except clean. And to be fair, it’s needed — neither my husband nor I are exactly home-makers, and there are areas of this apartment that haven’t been touched since we moved in a year ago. Large areas. Like the living room. Plus, I tell myself, since I will now be here 24/7, since there is no cleaned-by-other-people office to escape to, I should probably make sure I have a decent working environment. But it means that I’m going to be sniffly (from the dust) and sore all weekend, and I won’t get a start on all the piled up Petopia tasks until tomorrow most likely. Bah!


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