PTR New Pet Round-Up

I spent much of last night flying around Outland looking for new creatures to tame. I didn’t find anything I hadn’t heard about yet other than a new untamable grey owl up on Twilight Ridge, called a Wild Sparrowhawk . It flees when you get near it, oddly. But it can’t be tamed, so not very exciting.

I did find it pretty interesting how much the fly-to areas had changed since beta, though. The red warp stalkers that were up in the unreachable parts of Blade’s Edge are completely gone, replace with crystalline helboars and Aether Rays. Aether Rays are actually quite pretty — a beige nether ray with lemon-yellow striping, a model I don’t believe I’ve seen in game before. Unfortunately, they also cannot be tamed. *sigh* Blizzard teases us so.

But of course the first thing I did with my new flying mount was jaunt over to Sorrow Wing Point and tame a Lost Torranche. These gorgeous birds are just amazing. In their native lands they look more blue, but get them under the bright sun of Nagrand and they are a rich and vibrant purple. I do wonder who put them there and why. You wouldn’t think that the floating islands had been broken off long enough to allow tallstriders to evolve, considering that there are no others in all of Outland.

But hey — between the Lost Torranche and the Skettis Kaliris, patch 2.1 is going to be very colorful for hunters. Now if only they’d make Monstrous Kaliri tamable …

I also finally got a look myself at the Twilight Serpents in Nagrand. Like the new snakes in Shadowmoon, these use the regulat old snake model and cannot be tamed. They are also a terrible orange and white striped pattern. I wish the artists would spend some time with a ball python or rock python. Sheesh.

Oh, look! The PTR has apparently updated again. Off I go to see what’s changed!


3 Responses to “PTR New Pet Round-Up”

  1. bakedleech6 Says:

    The flighty little owls are part of the druid epic flight form quest as well. You need to sneak up and net them, and then they help you find buried stones in skettis. :)

  2. Mania Says:

    Ah, that makes some sense out of their odd behavior. Thanks!

  3. krylisse Says:

    definitely need a torranche to go with my green tallstrider!

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