Weekends and Windserpents

I haven’t had much time for the site this weekend because I’ve been trying to help my husband get his first game out the door. I’m supposed to be detoxing from a year of high-pressure work, but instead I’m remodeling challenge grids for a casual game. Actually, it’s pretty fun — but it’s not getting the site updated, more’s the pity. And in my free time — or rather, my other free time, since all my time is technically free right now — I’ve been playing.

I got my Alliance bank mule to level 35, which is where I intend her to stay for some time. She’s a tailor so that she can make bags for my other Alliance characters, and level 35 is theoretically the lowest level where you can make 16 slot bags if you don’t mind the annoyance of mooncloth. I don’t actually have the mooncloth bag recipe yet, but I can make runecloth bags and that will do for now.

She’s a hunter, of course, a Draenei and one of my Grand Experiment (where I level a hunter with each pet family to see how they play). This one has the windserpent family covered, with a Deviate Coiler Hatchling from Wailing Caverns: the lowest level windserpent in the game, the only source for Lightning Breath 1 — and the easiest WC windserpent to tame, since it paths right out the entrance.

I had intended to trade up to a Deviate Dreadfang at some point, but I never got around to it. And although I usually prefer white or blue pets, I’ve actually grown quite fond of my gleaming golden serpent. Well, my character has, anyway. *grin* Although if Hayoc weren’t so rare I might push to level 41 and tame him (and pick up a mount while I am at it). I guess we’ll see where I end up.

I chose a windserpent for this character because I wasn’t sure how high I’d level her before she became a full-time bank mule, and windserpents are a family that many hunters are familiar with. I was slightly surprised at how powerful they seem, but then I haven’t had leveled a young hunter recently — so it may just be that young hunters are powerful. (Next up, and already under way, is a turtle — so that should be a good comparison.)

Windserpents do have some quirks, but nothing too hard to work around. (Hint: Send the pet to attack while you are still out of range, so that when Lightning Breath pulls the enemy you won’t end up too close. This does work out reasonably well when you actually want to pull the target — just make sure that the timer on LB is up or you may not pull as far as you expect.) And even with the appropriate abilities they feel rather fragile to me. Poor Grace died many, many times because her owner wasn’t paying sufficient attention to her health. But as I have said before and will say many, many times again — it’s not like I’m a very good player. All my pets — and me too! — die early and often.

Overall, I was quite satisfied with the up-to-35 experience with my windserpent, and if time and bank space permits I’ll keep going with her. I expected to be pretty satisfied, though, so no surprises there. Up next (as I mentioned above): an angry Dwarven turtle!


2 Responses to “Weekends and Windserpents”

  1. kijik Says:

    Hmm, have you done any tests with the Serpent pet yet? I am considering having a serpent as either my second or third pet, other than a Ravager and a Windserpent. If ya have, could ya please tell me about the test and tell me if serpents have enough substance for their style?

  2. smurphysmurf Says:

    I think lowbie hunters are just very powerful compared to other classes in the low levels. I have a level 12 hunter that I intend to twink out at 19 with one of the fun cats from the BE starting zones (as an alliance hunter, I draw some interesting comments in Westfall about her) and she’s a beast. Thanks to Petopia, she’s also got all her wonderful skills. If my main hunter (who will be 50 soon, and will probably replace my 70 druid as my main) wasn’t such a die-hard bat fan, I’d probably get a cat.

    But bats rock. I love the comments I get about them, and as far as I know, I’m one of only 3 hunters on my server who has one. (But there are TONS of owls being used by 70 hunters. No bats in BC sucks!)

    What’s your fav pet, btw?

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