PTR Updated (Again)

This round of PTR testing looks like it’s going to go one for awhile. The PTR updated again yesterday, and reports are that massive numbers of items have been tweaked and (largely) buffed. Apparently there is another round of item changes coming, as well.

There don’t seem to be many pet changes in this update, though. As lourencia mentioned in comments yesterday, the lion model has been partially corrected — it no longer looks at its front feet, but its tail is still oddly ringed and fluffier. No changes on crabs or sporebats. Nor have any of the untamable creatures magically become tamable, so far as I could see.

Incidentally, I finally got shots of the sporebat changes up. Thanks to Darsh of Garona for sending me screenshots of the sporebats on the PTR. It looks to me like they changed the way they are handling the particles on the sporebat and so they went ahead and changed the particles themselves. But maybe they just wanted them brighter. Who can say? It’s all guesses here. :>


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