Tip of the Day

Remember to trim the overly long and sharp toenails of your bearded dragon before you put said dragon into a stressful situation and she tears your hands to pieces trying to get away. Otherwise you may have difficulty both posting on your blog and playing WoW for the rest of the afternoon.


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  1. celeglad Says:

    Aww… :( haha, yeah, there’s one at the zoo that I work at and we have to trim his nails all the time because we use him in the summer camp and other educational programs. Good to see you care about your real animals in addition to your WoW pets! :)

  2. Mania Says:

    I like most creatures quite a bit. I grew up around dogs and cats, fish and birds, rats and rabbits. (Actually my family raised chickens and rabbits for food.) But I have to admit — I’m a lizard person at heart. When I had more space I bred monitor lizards. Well, I tried to breed monitor lizards — the only ones that actually bred were a trio of timor monitors. They laid eggs but I wasn’t able to hatch them. I also did iguana rescue for awhile, until I was heartily sick of the little green poop factories.

    The bearded that I have now is a compromise since we’re in a small apartment. She’s a good little lizard: very laid back and calm most of the time, easy to feed, and she doesn’t try to eat my husband’s hamster. But I miss my monitors.

  3. roaran Says:

    Ahh… A monitor and a Bearded Dragon.

    Right now I have a Leopard Gecko, he’s a good lizard, I got him when he was two days old and he was born July 19, the same day as me!

    But I would like to let you know great work on the site, on the Allakhazam furoms, me, [ArthasTheBetrayer] and the other veterans always link here… it helps us a lot with those newbs tha keep coming =P

    This isn’t meant to be a nag or anything, but are you going to put the “Top 100 Pets” page up [I forget what it’s called it’s been so long]. I was just wondering, no rush though, gl with the site =).

  4. smurphysmurf Says:

    lol…with two beardies of my own to take care of, I know your pain! Especially when the one is an evil demon and the total opposite of what any decent beardie should be like. Vicious little devil doesn’t really get the whole “don’t bite the hand that feeds you” idea. Neither does the 11 week old puppy, but it’s still kinda cute when he bites. >

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