Closing Submissions: Ghost Saber Screenshots

A big thank you to everyone who has sent me screenshots of their Ghost Sabers in action! I’ve gotten a lot of really excellent pictures that I need to sort through now and get up on the site. If you have shots in progress and just haven’t sent them to me yet, please try to send them by tomorrow — I plan to start getting them up this weekend. I’m really pleased with how many people sent in screenshots and the quality of those shots. This may be something that we should do more of with other pets (although I should probably see how much work getting the pics organized and posted is first). 


2 Responses to “Closing Submissions: Ghost Saber Screenshots”

  1. gonzorox Says:

    It was our pleasure! ~ Goldwarte

  2. miyamirage Says:

    I aprecciated the chance to help you in some way, even if it means even more work for you :)

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