Lions, Beautiful Lions

After the PTR patch today, the lion model appears to be perfectly normal again. Comparing the Live and PTR data in a model viewer, I don’t see any differences at all. Crabs, however, continue to lack their hairy spines, and sporebats still have brighter particles. So I guess we can assume those changes are intended.


2 Responses to “Lions, Beautiful Lions”

  1. lourencia Says:

    I was both happy and sad about this change. Happy that the rings on the tail are gone but VERY sad that they made Cuddles (my lion) smaller! On live the lion at level 70 comes up to my lower belt, for the last week on the PTR a lvl 70 lion came up to the middle of my chest, he was huge! At first i thought that they were finally making our lvl 70 pets grow one more size (like they did at 20, 30 and so on) but then i ran into other cats that were just normal size. Mixed bag of emotions for me :P

  2. darkbander Says:

    They put em back but it still seems as if their heads have been pulled forward a bit, if that makes sense.

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