More Info, Please!

I’m looking for info on a rare spawn crocolisk in Nagrand named Goretooth. According to Thottbot he occurs in a couple of spots, but I’m not having any luck finding him.

I’d also like to know if the Phoenix-Hawk Hatchlings in Tempest Keep can be tamed — and for that matter, what they look like. :> And similarly, can the Rabid Warhound of Shattered Halls be tamed?

If you know anything, drop me a line!

Edit: In addition to the comments below, Darsh of Garona let me know that Rabid Warhounds cannot be tamed. Thanks, Darsh!


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  1. sylvina Says:

    As far as I know, I think the phoenix-hawks from Botanica are trainable, I had a Hunter friend ask me to help her catch one, so… I’d imagine they were.

  2. Mania Says:

    I was going to ask if you meant the Phoenix-Hawks or the Phoenix-Hawk Hatchlings, but then I realized that the Phoenix-Hawks are level 72, so you must mean the Hatchlings. :> I don’t suppose you remember what the Hatchlings looked like, do you?

  3. pgordon665 Says:

    Try going to to get some info on goretooth he looks like a preety normal green croc, like the ones from the black morass. nothin special, level 65 if i remember correctly.

  4. darkbander Says:

    I have info! But…not on the croc, sorry! Random i know the model viewer ( love that thing! ) Many new tamable type creatures now have swimming animations! This includes wind serpents, sporebats, and tallstriders! Oh and hyena has the wolf dance. Dont remember that being there before. Ok, done with random things!

  5. intabih Says:

    I ran into an elite Wolf that has the white skin in Mulgore named ‘Ghost Howl’ When you kill him you get a quest item. If I find him again, I’ll let you know. He was between Thunder Bluff and Red Rocks.

  6. intabih Says:

    Crap. I found him again and Ghost Howl is not tamable! Booooo! Sorry about that. :)

  7. miyamirage Says:

    Yeah he’s some Demon or some such, if I recall corrrectly.

  8. Mania Says:

    Thanks, everyone!

    darkbander, that’s really cool about the swimming animations. I’ve heard that raptors have them now also. Now that’s a pleasant surprise. :>

  9. planetisfull Says:

    Goretooth has 3 spawn points that I’ve found:
    1. the water around Halaa
    2. the lake behind Garadar(start at the shore directly behind town and follow it using beast tracking)
    3. the small lake between the ogre camp and the humanoid camp that drop the kiljardan marks(I’m horrid with names and at work so can’t thottbott-filters ftl )
    that is where I have found him.

    BTW, he is like lvl 65 elite, and the 3 times I killed him he dropped a blue plate bracer that sold for 20g in 30 minutes.

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