Children’s Week Pets

Okay, so they aren’t real pets, but don’t your pets deserve their own little ‘pets’? From the patch notes:

Characters can now speak with Orphan Matron Mercy in Shattrath City during Children’s Week to mentor a draenei (Alliance) or blood elf (Horde) orphan. Shattrath orphans have a whole new line of sight-seeing requests across both Outland and Azeroth and three new pets to offer to their mentors.

I nearly missed this in all the patch hubbub, so I thought I’d call it out.


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  1. remillard Says:

    I’m glad you posted this. I’d completely missed it too, and it would have been a shame if I had. It is a completely charming quest line. And fairly XP lucrative too for just wandering around and seeing the sights. I think I netted about 50k XP and I’d never been over to the Exodar, and I’d not been all the way down in the bottom of the Time Caverns either so that was rather novel.

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