Patch 2.1.0 Goes Live Today!

The live realms are down for maintenance and I just downloaded a whopping big patch on live — so it looks like Patch 2.1.0 goes live today! Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the final patch notes are up on the WoW site yet and the servers are still down. I’ll be spending most of today updating Petopia and posting interesting tidbits here as I get the chance. Stay tuned!


2 Responses to “Patch 2.1.0 Goes Live Today!”

  1. ilaci Says:

    Correction for site: Dreadfang Lurker (63-64, Terrokar Forest) now has Bite 8, not Bite 9.

  2. Mania Says:

    Thanks, ilaci. I reader named Dominic also e-mailed this to me yesterday but I haven’t had time to update the site yet. I expect that this was a bug fix on Blizzard’s part — previously, you could take a level 63 Lurker who knew Bite 9 (a level 64 skill) — but he’d lose the skill when you zoned or relogged.

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