Patch 2.1.0 – Interesting Hunter Patch Notes

I gathered all the notes that seem interesting to hunters or our pets in one place. I probably missed a bunch, but hey — the patch notes are really long and I may not actually know what’s important anyway. But I figured it was worth a shot.


  • A new Avoidance ability can now be taught to hunter pets. This effect reduces the chance of being hit by area of effect spells and abilities by 25% or 50% (by rank).
  • A new Cobra Reflexes ability can now be taught to hunter pets. This effect increases attack speed but reduces damage.
  • Arcane Shot: Casting lower ranks of Arcane Shot than your maximum rank will now reduce the bonus you receive from attack power.
  • Arcane Shot: The tooltips for this ability in 2.0.12 were incorrect and have been fixed in 2.1.0. The damage dealt by maximum rank Arcane Shot is unchanged from 2.0.12 to 2.1.0; only the tooltip is changed.
  • Aspect of the Cheetah/Pack: Wand damage will again correctly daze players with this effect active.
  • Clever Traps now affects Snake Trap.
  • Entrapment (Survival): Effect duration reduced to 4 seconds and is now subject to diminishing returns in PvP.
  • Entrapment: The tooltip has been corrected to indicate it works on Snake Trap.
  • Expose Weakness: The chance for this talent to trigger has increased to 33/66/100% chance at 1/2/3 talent points.
  • Ferocious Inspiration: This ability will now trigger Kill Command correctly.
  • Flare cooldown increased to 20 seconds, and duration reduced to 20 seconds.
  • Frenzy: This talent can now trigger from Kill Command.
  • Frost Trap: This trap no longer breaks stealth from its slowing effect.
  • Go for the Throat no longer causes additional threat.
  • Hunter’s Mark: This ability now becomes stronger each time the target is struck by a ranged attack.
  • Improved Hunter’s Mark: Adjusted the tooltip to indicate this talent only grants melee attack power equal to the base ranged attack power on the Hunter’s Mark.
  • Kill Command has been removed from the global cooldown. The shout animation has been removed.
  • Kill Command: This ability will now still work even when your pet is out of your line of sight.
  • Readiness: Now resets the cooldown on Misdirection.
  • Revive Pet: The tooltip has been adjusted to indicate the pet returns with a percentage of its base health. It will not get an increased percentage of the bonus health it receives from a percentage of its master’s stamina.
  • Scatter Shot: This ability will now trigger Kill Command when it critically strikes.
  • Scorpid Poison: Ranks of this ability now appear in correct order in the pet training window.
  • Survival Instincts now also increases attack power by 2/4%.
  • The quest creature, Death Ravager, is no longer able to be tamed.
  • The Razorfang Ravager can now be tamed.
  • Hunter Mend Pet/Improved Mend Pet Changes:
    • Replaced the current Mend Pet channel spell with an instant cast heal over time.
    • No combat reset, resets global cooldown
    • The mana cost has been reduced and the heal value increased.
    • Duration on Heal Over Time increased to 15 seconds in 3 second increments.
    • Changed the graphic to better represent the Heal Over Time effect on the pet.
    • The Mend Pet heal over time buff is now able to be dispelled.
    • Bonus healing gear will no longer affect Mend Pet.
    • Added a 10% and 20% reduction to the mana cost of Mend Pet in Improved Mend Pet talent (Beast Mastery).


  • Abilities and items that are triggered when you kill a target are also now triggered when your pet kills a target.
  • Fixed the amount of happiness lost when you dismiss a Nether Ray pet.
  • Voidwalkers will stop while they are consuming shadows.
  • Warlock and Hunter pets will now be automatically dismissed when you summon a mount. These pets will return on dismount. This does not affect pet happiness for Hunters.
  • Warlock and Hunter pets will now be automatically dismissed when you untalent.


  • Bestial Wrath: The immunity granted by this ability now lasts the full duration of the ability. Bestial Wrath now grants immunity to Cyclone. Cyclone will no longer prevent the immunities from being granted.
  • Cyclone: This ability will no longer work on hunters with The Beast Within active or hunter pets with Bestial Wrath active.


  • Deadly Throw: This ability will now damage hunters and their pets when they are affected by The Beast Within or Bestial Wrath. Those targets will still be immune to the movement impairing portion of Deadly Throw.


  • Devilsaur Tooth: This item has been reverted to pre-Burning Crusade design, granting an automatic critical strike to your pet’s next attack.
  • Marsh Lichen: This food is now considered a fungus.
  • Stromgarde Muenster is now correctly considered cheese for the purposes of feeding pets.
  • The Talon of Al’ar: This trinket now applies correctly to Scatter Shot and Silencing Shot. 
  • Spymaster’s Crossbow can now be used by non-hunters. 
  • The Azerothian Longbow will now properly display its firing animation.
  • Halaa Ammo has been reduced in damage and is bind on acquire, but you can carry any number of them.
  • Draenic Light Crossbow now correctly uses arrows and has had its firing animation corrected.
  • Lead Slug Shotgun: Correct sounds and animations are now attached.
  • Longbeard Rifle now has a gun animation and sound.
  • Dragonbreath Musket, PC-54 Shotgun, Sporting Rifle, and Tauren Runed Musket all now have a gun sound and animation instead of crossbow. 
  • Aldor Guardian Rifle will now work correctly.
  • Mag’hari Light Recurve will now work correctly.
  • Brood Mother Leggings: Now has a spell price and can be worn by non-hunters. 
  •  Mok’Nathal Hero’s Pantaloons now has a sell price and can be worn by non-hunters.


  • Scout’s Arrow reputation requirement for Cenarion Expedition has been moved to friendly.
  • Warden’s Arrow minimum level has been changed to 68.
  • High-level bullets can be purchased from Honor Hold and Thrallmar factions at revered.

Dungeons and Raids

  • The Domination spell can no longer choose pets as valid targets.
  • Coilfang: Serpentshrine Cavern — Hydross the Unstable’s Vile Sludge spell will no longer hit pets.

User Interface

  • When consuming reagents or using items on the action bar, smaller stacks will be used before larger stacks.
  • Players who feign death no longer appear dead to party and raid members and friendly spells will not be interrupted.
  • Hunter Pets now display their spell damage bonus on the pet pane. The actual effect will nearly always be less than the bonus listed as it depends on the bonus coefficient of the spell the pet is using.
  • Hunters now have a UI option Auto Attack/Auto Shot that if turned off means that the hunter will not automatically switch between ranged attack and melee attack difficulty when the range changes.
  • Party members will no longer see a hunter who is feigning death as actually dead.

World Environment

  • Mana Wraith: This creature is no longer immune to the hunter pet ability Warp.

Bug Fixes

  • Thorngrin the Tenderwill no longer Sacrifice totems and pets.
  • Shattrath City Peacekeepers will now attack players who attack others from a distance.
  • Player pets can no longer attack PvP players while not being flagged for PvP.
  • In battlegrounds, pets with a damage over time spell will no longer continue to attack the caster after Resurrection.

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  1. darkhallow Says:

    Great summary, thanks!

  2. figeloal Says:

    Does anyone know if Cobra reflexes effectively increases dps on Live servers?

  3. lure Says:

    /cry I can no longer watch the glorious display of my pet running faithfully next to me as I ride on my mount…

    On the positive side, I love the new Mend Pet, and as far as I can tell the change in Hunter’s Mark gives a huge boost, especially with a fast bow/gun.

    The UI changes in Feign Death are very welcome, it has been a bit of a challenge to use FD without unnerving the entire party :P

    Just some musings from this hunter, who is all in all not displeased with the patch.

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