Tame Beast Bug — Or Feature?

I happened to be browsing the official WoW hunter forums and saw a post that you can now tame a new pet while you have an existing pet active, so long as your active pet is dismissed. So I tried it out, and yes, you can. But the behavior is … odd … and I don’t know whether it’s intended or not.

If you try to tame when you have an active pet out with you, you get the message that “You have too many pets already.” as you always have. But dimiss that pet — don’t abandon it, just dismiss it — and you can tame another. The dismissed pet then disppears. Sort of.

The first time I tried this today I tried it on my main, who had three pets total (two in the stable and one with me). After taming the new pet, I went back to the stable. The two pets who had previously been in the stable where still there, but every time I moved a pet into or out of the stable I saw my ‘lost’ pet very briefly, both in the pet UI window and in the world, next to me.

So I tried this again, on an alt who had two pets (one in the stable, one with her) and a stable slot open. After taming a new pet, the ‘lost’ pet was in the empty stable slot. At first I couldn’t access it — even when it showed as being out with me it wasn’t there and I couldn’t call it. But after switching the pets around in the stable slots a few times, it suddenly appeared. It seemed to be okay — functioning properly — and continued to exist after I relogged.

So … it seems that I just managed to tame a new pet without losing my existing pet and without stashing my existing pet in a stable first. If this is indeed a new feature, it is a very convenient one. If you are out hunting and you see a pet you must have, or a pet with a skill you need, and you have an empty stable slot, you can dismiss your good pet and quickly tame the new one without losing your old pet. But if this is a new feature, it seems to be a bit buggy — I suspect my ‘lost’ pet on my main is still there, somewhere. And I wonder what happens if you don’t have enough stable slots but you buy one later? I should go test that!

EDIT: Yes, my ‘lost’ pet was still there! After I abandoned the temporary owl I tamed, I was able to pull the spore bat back out of the stable (leaving two cats in the stable). More than that, I was able to stack multiple inaccessible pets in my stable — at one point I had two cats, a spore bat and an owl in the stable (although I only saw the icons for the two cats) plus an owl out with me!

EDIT #2: I found an alt who had only purchased one stable slot instead of both. I stacked a pet in the one stable slot she had (that is, had one in the stable and one with me, and then tamed another) — then purchased the extra slot and was able to move that third pet into it.

You know what? I think this might be the ‘way to train skill when you have three pets’ they’ve been promising us!


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  1. darkhallow Says:

    Interesting, let’s hope this was intended and that they’ll fix the bugs. Would you mind adding the link to the forum thread?

  2. Mania Says:

    Good idea. I added a link in the main post, or you can find that thread here: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=105981461&sid=1&pageNo=1

  3. darkhallow Says:

    Great, thanks a lot. Keep up the good work.

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  5. remillard Says:

    It sounds promising, but also a little scary too. I would not want to lose my main pet because I was tinkering with another one. If they will document the way this is supposed to work, it would be fantastic.

    Honestly, the whole stable business ought to go away. What I would like to see are trained whistles. Whenever you dismiss a pet it’s “stabled” (gone, whatever). Then when you call, you use the whistle for whatever pet you need at your side.

    The upshot is that there is a sense that your pets are always all around you, just tracking you, doing their own thing, staying close but out of sight. Then when you need the owl… just give a little whistle ;-). Or the cat. Or the ravager. They could make the number of whistles you learn a level dependent skill. Perhaps assigning the whistle would be a skill you teach your pet. If you tame a pet but don’t want to keep it long term, just don’t teach it a whistle.

    But… they didn’t ask me.

  6. darkbander Says:

    Id post that on the suggestion forums, Rem!

  7. remillard Says:

    Done and done.

    Feel free to comment, bump, try to get the idea some notoriety. That forum scrolls insanely fast.

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    […] Tame Beast Bug — Or Feature? I happened to be browsing the official WoW hunter forums and saw a post that you can now tame a new pet while you have […] […]

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  10. kunukia Says:

    Woot! It works. Wow, I hope they don’t take this back.

  11. hiiro Says:

    This would be awesome especially if it was intended. I have been noticing a few bugs, and was wondering if anyone else had this problem. I started the new netherdrake quest with my faithful lynx. Once i left the mainland of Shadowmoon and put on the fel orc disguise, when i d call my cat (who was at full health) it would say its dead and I’d have to revive it. Is anyone else having this problem?

  12. Mania Says:

    hiiro: I have seen that posted as a bug several times on the Hunter and Bug Report forums — with the Fel Orc disguise in particluar. I have also seen people reporting that there still seems to be some issues with pets dying when you fly over a void, even though they were auto-dismissed at the time. Your best bet is probably to report your experiences on the Bug Report Forum so they know how widespread these problems are.

  13. magicfairy Says:

    Hi from Germany^^ Playing mainly hunters on WoW for about 1,5 years now Petopia is my reference page no 1 on the web since (thanks for the great work btw^^). But back to topic: just tried it on an alt, two pets in stable, one with me. Dismissed and tamed a croco for bite 5. When I got the skill I released the croco and called the pet. Message was “you dont have a pet with you that you could call”. So I went to a stable and all three pets were in there and able to call. Gonna tell my guild members about it now ;-)

  14. keleri Says:

    oh man, and here I had just been worrying about how I was going to get those higher ranks of bite and claw after forgetting to and filling up my stable. awesome!

  15. hawkshadow Says:

    hmm this is what happend to me… took my cat, dismissed it and tamed an owl. then i put the owl in the stable (cat too) and took out my raptor for a raid. after words i went to take out the owl so i could abandon it and get my cat back. when i opend the stabel my cat was there and not the owl. instead my wolf was gone and my owl was in the wolf’s place. i kinda freeked out going ‘zomg where is my wolf’ so i let the bird go and my wolf popped up again. so some how i managed to switch around what pet i had tamed over. not sure how i did it though lol. also i found out that u can tame over something more then once. exp: tame over a cat and get an owl, dismiss owl and get a raptor ect ect ect.

  16. boadica Says:

    In regards to the whistle idea… Honestly, I’d just prefer to keep the stable system. Sure, it’s a pain in the behind, but my bag space is taxed quite enough by the necessity of keeping one filled with arrows. I just can’t give any more slots to hunter accessories, when it’s easy enough to just tag the stablemasters on my map. If it weren’t for the bag space thing, though, the whistles would be a really good idea.

  17. wyldchyldd Says:

    I wish I had known about this a few weeks ago. I have a 2nd hunter (lvl 43) that I started and picked up the pets in game that I had wished I could have gotten on my 68 hunter. Did not know about this site then =/ I had to drop Humar to tame a cat with some abilities I was missing and needed. To chose between my 3 pets was awful. I do not understand why Blizzard cannot give hunters more stable slots or have them like warlocks pets. We already lose one bag slot to a quiver, have to buy arrows and feed pets. At least give us this one thing. I’d like to be able to have several pets all trained differently for different uses like locks pets. It just makes so much more sense to me.

  18. slippyhunter7 Says:

    Well a funny thing happened to me and my friend when he started a low level hunter. At level 12, we decided to run up to Teldrassil and get an owl (thanks to the wonderful guide up on Petopia.com :) ) because he didn’t want a spider or anything else, he wanted an owl. At the time, he had a cat and a boar which i tamed for him so it could be his tank pet. In all the excitement, we forgot to abandon the boar. We just dismissed it. After taming the owl, we then went back to XR and basked in the glory that is LOW LEVEL HORDE OWLS. We then stabled the owl to take out the cat again, and it pushed away the cat and summoned the boar. We were confused as hell, because we were sure it was abandoned (or else we couldn’t have gotten the owl in any other patch. We also had only two stable slots. It didn’t register that the cat had been abandoned, but it didn’t register it was stabled either. It simply was in limbo, until we switched the boar with the owl and the cat appeared again, and the boar went into limbo. We found how to do this (this switching around thing) without even 3 stable slots. I even tried it on my 70 hunter to get Bite 9.
    And once we got the hang of how to summon the correct pet, it even saved us 15 gold! Thank you Blizzard if this is intentional (but the thing we did was probably an exploit) but it was fun nonetheless!

  19. levesk Says:

    This “bug” is not working for me anymore.
    I have all of the stable slots full, I dismissed a pet to tame another for skills, but it wouldn’t let me do it, telling me I had too many pets.
    I wonder if the feature has been changed.

  20. Mania Says:

    That’s odd, levesk — I can still use this method with all my stable slots full, both on the live servers and on the PTR. What message did you get when you tried?

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