Cobra Reflexes – Data Points

I thought I’d post some of the data points I have on Cobra Reflexes. These are stats from my characters set up for gameplay — in other words, I didn’t unspec or strip armor or whatnot. (Since I haven’t yet figured out how scaling works for damage, I didn’t try to eliminate that variable either.) So these are not rigorous mathematical tests, but they do give a feel for how Cobra Reflexes might effect a pet in play.

Windserpent – Level 34 (on a level 35 character) – happy (+25%) – Unleashed Fury (+20%)

  • without CR: 61-75 (34.1)
  • with CR: 53-67 (39.1)
  • difference: -8 (+5)
  • percentages: -11.76% damage, +14.66% DPS

Cat – Level 45 (on a level 70 character) – happy (+25%) – Unleashed Fury (+20%) – Serpent’s Swiftness

  • without CR: 156-180 (101.0)
  • with CR: 131-155 (111.3)
  • difference: -25 (10.3)
  • percentages: -14.88% damage, +10.2% DPS

Cat – Level 68 (on a level 70 character) – happy (+25%) – Unleashed Fury (+20%) – Serpent’s Swiftness

  • without CR: 219-238 (137.2)
  • with CR: 187-206 (153.6)
  • difference: -32 (16.4)
  • percentages: -14% damage, +11.95% DPS

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  1. kandanga Says:

    Greetings, Thanks for the information.

    I have been considering how does CR work afecting pet interaction with upper level mobs in endgame. Considering one of the big issues afecting pet dps in endgame was the % of attacks that get dogged, parried, miss, glance due to level diference.

    Blizzard created the talent that increase pet’s attacks to land on the target by a 4% (at maximum) however that is pretty much the only upgrade to +chance to hit your pet gets, same goes to crit %, chance to dodge, ect…

    So I wondered how much do I as a BM hunter want a pet that attacks slower yet harder against a pet that attacks faster but dealing less dmg per hit…

    I mean, considering that agains Kael’thas (using a random example, I have not experienced that fight yet) your pet’s hits will miss, get parried, dodge more, is very likelly we want our pets attacking faster so more attacks land and probably more crits happen so we (_BM hunters) have Ferocious Inspiration on longer. On the other hand, this also means that the attacks will b weaker making the effect of glance attacks much more efective decreasing out pets dmg, adding to that Kill Comand looses a bit of dmg I think.

    In a nutshell CR is awesome in PVP to interrup casters and steady dps to constantly moving targets in fast action…but is it efective in PVE considering level diference between pets and mobs?

  2. calciferr Says:

    Hi there

    Long time Petopia user 1st time poster :)

    Oks just a bit confused about CR, so heres the full story

    I tamed “king banalash” b4 the patch 2.1 and he came with CR, but was told that he cant use it due 2 blizzard dumbing down on pet abilitys and elite pets(….sign)

    Anyways i tamed him from lvl 43 and lvl 52 still going strong..I tried 2 tame prowl but found that my pet has 2 many ability’s and noticed the CR again. Wat i found interesting is that since the new patch i still cant use the ability which came with Bang from day 1…After some much waiting i asked the GM about this and was told its passive ability, however in the spell book it doesnt mention anything of the sort like the other ability that r my questions is this…

    1. Is CR a passive ability?

    2. If not, given the fact i cant use the ability is there any point 2 retrain my pet so he can learn Prowl.

    I plan to keep Bang up 2 lvl 70 and wont 2 make him a mega DPS pet, with most if not all points going 2 stamina and amour increase (along with Bite, dash & Growl)

    At current lvl (51) his dealing 87.7 Dps, amour 5090, Stamina 272 health 3118, Power 275

    Many thanks

    P.S Also check Petopia and it doesnt say if its passive as well

  3. apharp Says:

    Yes, CR is a passive ability. Ever since they released the patch a few months ago, all tamable creatures come with a standard 2.0 attack speed. Notice how your King B has an attack speed that is 30% faster or 1.4ish. That is due to Cobra Reflexes.

  4. calciferr Says:

    Thanks Apharp

    This morning i thought about CR and how much it will benefit my pet and so i did some maths so i can see the figures. Now im not a wiz so if any1 can find a flaw with this please reply back

    Now according to my calculations over a 7 second period the pet will do the same amount of damage as a pet without CR. However this calculation is based on the pet getting same attack every time with no here r the numbers



    With CR (30% reduced in damage, 30% increase in speed)

    Seconds intervals per attatck=Damage total for time


    Without CR


    So as u can see the gain in speeds is neutralised by the loss in damage so your back at square 1.

    As i am not a hugely experience player and dont kno the maths all that great of WoW the figure above maybe totally incorrect. In this case if any1 can show me the proper figures that would b great.

    Looking forward to your reply

  5. kandanga Says:

    From my point of view, the extra speed in attack would work better for BM who want te buffs that pet critical strikes trigger. In other words more attacks per second more chance to get a critical strike.

    On the other hand, it would also work nice in PVP to interrup casters…

    In a nutshell: I feel CR are not mean to change dps itself but the way in which its deales

  6. Mania Says:

    calciferr: Yep, as apharp said, Cobra Reflexes is indeed passive. (On Petopia, you can tell if a skill is passive based on whether it’s listed in the section called ‘Passive Skills’ or not — but you may have to scroll around to figure out what section you are in if you followed a direct link to the skill.)

    Unfortunately, your math looking at the effectiveness of CR has a small flaw right at the beginning. See, CR increases the attack speed by 30%, but it does not reduce the damage by 30%. The skill itself doesn’t explain exactly how it reduces damage, which is why we are resigned to gathering experimental data to see if we can figure it out. But in general, it looks like it reduces damage by somewhere between 10% and 15%.

    If you do your math over again, but only reducing damage by 15%, you’ll see that a pet with cobra Reflexes does more damage over 7 seconds than a pet without. For this reason, I generally recommend getting CR on any pet you have.

    kandanga: I agree that CR should have been meant to not change DPS but only how it’s dealt, but unfortunately that’s not how it’s implemented. I’ve got a rant about that somewhere around here …

  7. calciferr Says:

    Thanks kandanga & Mania For your reply

    I have reworked the figures as show below:



    With CR (15% reduced in damage, 30% increase in speed)

    Seconds intervals per attack=Damage total for time


    Without CR


    As you can see the over 7 second period a pet with CR will do extra 150 Damage. So in the instance above CR looks 2 be a sure winner :)

    I have noticed 1 thing in my interface that mite be intresting and may have something 2 do with CR. If you go into you pet stat tab try 2 keep a close eye on your DPS stats. I have noticed that my pets change from 90dps-150dps at random intervals but not while in combat. So heres an example b4 my cat enter melee his dps is 93, after combat is done his dps display is 117, then after another melee attack his dps is like 130. I have no clue as 2 why this happens and given that Mania mentioned “The skill itself doesn’t explain exactly how it reduces damage, which is why we are resigned to gathering experimental data to see if we can figure it out.” i got the idea that CR mite do this. Bit weird i kno but please do see if u have same thing happen with your CR effect

    At 1st i thought mabe it was addon that was doing this but i removed all addons and found the same issue happened wen i logged back in. I had asked GM and was told 2 reset my interface so im going 2 see if that the issue but its weird coz all addons were off and same issue was happening.

    Let me know how u go


  8. Mania Says:

    Other things to keep an eye on with the changing DPS are your pet’s happiness and, with cats, the Prowl skill. (I got very excited once when I tamed a new pet and it’s DPS was through the roof, but then I realized it came with Prowl and had auto-prowled immediately after I tamed it.)

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