Pet Naming Rules?

degbunke asked an interesting question in a comment down below:

This might be a litte off topic, but can you use blank space in your pet’s name, and/or capital letters? For example “My Pet” or “MyPet” instead of “Mypet”. I think I’ve seen pets with blank spaces and capitals in their names, but I’m not sure.

I’ve never played around with pet naming — my pets are generally named something simple like Cloud or Banshee — but I know they are different than character naming rules. I’ve seen pets with much more flexible names, with caps and all. Does anyone know exactly what the rules for naming your pet are?


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  1. darkhallow Says:

    I’m pretty sure you can’t have a blank space in your pet’s name. I also found out that you can’t name your pet DonkeyKong or KingKong (you can put a ¨over one of the letters to make it work though.

  2. degbunke Says:

    I actually tried it out myself. No blank space allowed, but I had no problem with the “MyPet” construction, with the capital in the middle. I didn’t have to use any dots or anything, it just worked. I did notice a limited number of letters, though.

  3. lunayoshi Says:

    I think it won’t let you have any common, copyrighted character names. It won’t let me have Yoshi for my raptor, and I suspect it works the same for names like Porky, Darthvader and what have you. Why it blocks those names and not “badass,” I’ll never know. I’ve seen TWO cats running around with a variation of that name lately.

  4. ramsesoriginal Says:

    the blocked names are the same as for the characters, and there is stilla a character limit, BUT you can use capitals. and other characters/pet’s names, but not someone own’s name. As far as i know, the “name censor” ignores the capitalization, so KingKong gets threated same as kingkong or KINGKONG.

  5. remillard Says:

    I tend to have some really bizarre pet names so I’ve experimented with this:

    1) No spaces
    2) CamelCase is okay though
    3) 12 characters
    4) If it sounds like a good name, it’s probably taken (I wanted to name King Bangladesh “Elvis”)

    Translating things into other languages seems to work well. My character has a Welsh name and all my pets have had Welsh names too. There’s a free translator so I can go find out what “gold wolf” looks like in Welsh and is almost never taken.

    On the other hand, due to the weird way Welsh looks, I get accused of being a gold spammer. I can’t help it they don’t like vowels! ;-)

    Dafyddfychan on Quel’dorei with the ravager HaurDdifroda

  6. alithium Says:

    I wish there was some hard and fast rules, because I’m lame and very into names >.>; I was so set on naming my boar on my alt “Whiskey” but it says it wasn’t allowed… so the poor pig had to settle with “Jameson” instead.

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