Patch 2.1.0 – Interesting Random Patch Notes

This is just a random list of patch notes I found vaguely interesting, with commentary. Most of them are not hunter- or pet-related in any way, so you needn’t feel obligated to read them. :>


  • Screenshots captured using the Print Screen key are now saved in JPG format. (There is a post on the forums about how to change this behavior if you want to. – Mania)
  • Inspect distance has been increased to 30 yards (from 10 yards). (Yay! It’s always embarrassing to chase someone around just to get a better look at their hat. – Mania)


  • Rumsey Rum, Rumsey Rum Light, Rumsey Rum Dark, Rumsey Rum Black Label, Halaani Whiskey, Gordok Green Grog, Raptor Punch, Stormstout, Trogg Ale, and Thunderbrew Lager: The stat bonuses from these drinks no longer stacks with stamina bonuses from other foods.
  • Swift Flying Mounts: All the swift flying mounts will now display as epic items, rather than superior-quality items. (They made the same change with ground mounts a while back. Guess they forgot that change when it came to flying mounts. – Mania)
  • The Silver Star: This low-level quest reward has been fixed to match the new system for thrown weapons. For technical reasons, all old Silver Stars are now listed as Broken and cannot be used. New ones gained will work correctly. (I love notes like this. It tells you so much about the backend tech. – Mania)


  • Alchemy: The chance of a discovery occurring while making potions has been substantially increased. (I’m an alchemist/herbalist, by the way. – Mania)
  • Herbalism: Netherbloom no longer causes negative effects, although the positive effects happen less frequently. Additionally, the effects will not replace one another.
  • Herblism: Underbog Colossus have an increased number of herbs on them when harvested by an herbalist.
  • Elixirs now stack to 20.
  • You can now unspecialize in tailoring and alchemy, and then select a new specialization. This is a repeatable choice, but costs gold each time. (Finally! – Mania)
  • Reduced the time required to skin.
  • Gathering skills no longer fail when you have reached the maximum skill possible.
  • Profession recipes that had 24 hour or longer cooldowns, have had their cooldowns reduced by 1 hour. (I wonder what the motivation for this is? I suspect it’s so that you can log in the same time every night and be ready to transmute. With a straight 24 hour timer, the time you can start gradually slips later and later. I remember running into this with repeatable quests in Asheron’s Call. – Mania)
  • Alliance Cooks can now purchase the Mok’Nathal Shortrib and Crunchy Serpent recipes at Toshley’s Station. (That’s nice. Now if only they’d fix the 10+ Alliance-only low-level recipes. – Mania)
  • Monsters will now attack players who are mining mineral nodes near to them, even if they didn’t notice them previously.
  • The location of many of the Outland mineral nodes have been adjusted both to put them in locations that are more traveled and to make them more likely to be near creatures.
  • Fishing (And I like to fish. – Mania)
    • The fishing timer has been reduced from 30 to 20 seconds and it now takes less time to fish.–> You now catch fish faster.
    • The fishing timer can no longer run through its duration without a fish biting.


  • You can now interact with wanted posters while mounted. (Oh, thank goodness! I hate dismounting. – Mania)

User Interface

  • Players will now be able to access the Looking For Group Channel by joining the Looking For Group/Looking for More tool.
  • Using abilities and casting spells that cannot be used while mounted will now auto-dismount players as needed. This can be disabled by turning off the auto-dismount option in the UI options. (I like this behavior, except that I now have to be very careful about accidentally right-clicking an enemy at range while mounted. – Mania)
  • When consuming reagents or using items on the action bar, smaller stacks will be used before larger stacks.
  • Holding down the shift key while mousing over an equippable item that you can use will now show you the tooltip for the item you currently have equipped in that slot as well (much like how the auction house currently works).
  • Equippable items displayed as quest rewards will always show you the tooltip of the item you are currently wearing in that slot.
  • Sending item links with invalid enchantments will disconnect you. (Looks like some coder got annoyed about this behavior. – Mania)
  • Profession UI now has a search field. Text that is entered into the search field searches against item names, reagent names and item levels (if you include a level). For instance you can type Peace into the search field to see all of your recipes that use Peacebloom, or type in 20-30 to see all of you level 20-30 recipes. This search field only appears once you have more than 75 skill in your profession. (Emphasis mine. – Mania)
  • Profession UI now has a checkbox that allows you to search by only items that you have the materials to make.
  • While flying or swimming the ‘X’ key will now make you move down.
  • Gems are now searchable in the Auction House under the heading of Gem with the gems then broken up by color so you can search for all gems of a specific color.
  • You can now link recipes into chat. If you have chat input open and you shift-click on one of your recipes in your profession UI then it will put a link to that recipe with the reagents it requires to make into chat.
  • New interface option: Open Loot Window at Mouse (Someone got tired of writing change descriptions. – Mania)

World Environment

  • A new flightmaster has been added to Forest Song in Ashenvale. (My low-level Alliance hunter is ecstatic about this. – Mania)
  • New flight points have been added:
    • –Felwood, Emerald Sanctuary (Both)
    • –Ashenvale, Forest Song (Alliance)
  • New flight paths added:
    • –Stormwind <-> Thorium Point
    • –Grom’gol Base Camp <-> Flame Crest
    • –Ratchet <-> Gadgetzan, Astranaar, Brackenwall Village
    • –Brackenwall Village <-> Ratchet, Camp Taurajo, Freewind Post
    • –Thunderbluff <-> Zoram’gar Outpost
    • –Evergrove <-> Toshley’s Station
    • –Honor Hold <-> Shattrath
  • An Inn and mailbox have been added to Evergrove in Blades Edge Mountains.

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  1. remillard Says:

    Regarding the “auto-dismount”, also be careful with changing aspects. You can change your tracking without dismounting, but going from Aspect of the Hawk, to Aspect of the Beast (for non-trackability) will dismount you. Could be kind of awkward if you are trying to get away from someone.

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