Patch 2.1.0 – Known Issues

Blizzard posted a list of known issues in Patch 2.1.0 this morning. Presumably this isn’t all the issues, but merely the ones they’ve been able to verify so far. I’ve reproduced only the hunter-related issues below.


Spells, Talents & Abilities
Triggering the Hunter Entrapment talent causes the hunter to stand up breaking eating or drinking.
Improved mend pet poison dispelling effect will interrupt eating/drinking for the hunter.

Judging from the Bug Report forum, though, there’s a lot of hunter issues they are still looking into. Hortus kindly gave us a handly link for keeping up with forum posts he’s responded to. Apparently he’s the guy on Bug Report forum duty. Poor kid.

I also apparently missed a hunter-related hotfix last week, from this list of Hotfixes for the Week of May 21 – 27.  


– Linking a Poison Recipe or Hunter Pet Ability in a chat message will no longer cause a disconnect.


8 Responses to “Patch 2.1.0 – Known Issues”

  1. spaceturkey Says:

    I’ve also been having issues, though minor, when getting off of my mount. Frequently, my Pet Details window pops up as my pet reappears at my side. Though it’s just a window, it does get annoying. Anyone else experiencing this as well?

  2. remillard Says:

    Actually I’m kind of glad to hear about the poison dispelling effect issue. That’s actually happened once, but I was never certain if I bumped a key or changed angle or something like that that would also mess up the sitting.

  3. rizlar Says:

    Another extremely irritating bug – whenever entering the Netherwing Ledge area and being turned into a fel-orc for the netherwing rep quests, during the transition into fel-orc, your pet seems to briefly appear and die. When you have landed and try to summon the pet again you need to ress it. :(

    Think this may only happen if your pet is active when you mount though…

  4. lunayoshi Says:

    I went to charm a Ghostpaw Runner (or whatever they’re called) in Astranaar tonight, and lo and behold, their model is screwed up. I don’t know if it’s all white wolves or just the level 19-20 ones, but man, you look at it at different angles and the textures go to hell.

    Stays that way after taming. The texture on the pet itself seems to get fixed after you dismiss it/stable it and bring it back, but its profile image is still screwed up.

    Just a heads up. Gave me something to tinker with while waiting on a DM group. :)

  5. spaceturkey Says:

    There was another small glitch actually. In Azshara in the Naga temple-ruins area, the one indoor area right near the flight path randomly glitches and shows the outside and my character disappears. I usually just jump, or move in some way and it fixes itself, but at first I was a bit worried.

  6. archdixon Says:

    I’ve tamed Barbed Crawler’s (7-9, Azuremyst Isle) before, and gotten no special abilities. Now a Barbed Crawler gives you thorns when you tame it. is this new?

  7. archdixon Says:

    Also, as a crab lover, are they’re any other crabs that grant special abilities?

  8. jenjoaz Says:

    SpaceTurkey, that happened to me too. There is an easy fix. Open the pet details window and go to your general tab, or any other tab, and then close the window. It will then stop opening when you dismount. It only opens when you close that window when still on the pet details page.

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