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A helpful reader (who did not unfortunately give me a name) wrote me recently to let me know that he was talking to a GM about the availability of ranks 5 and 6 of the pet skill Gore. I am not aware of any way for hunters to learn Gore 5 or Gore 6, but according to this GM, those skills are available in the game. So — if you’ve been holding out, if you just assumed everyone else knew also,  if you know the special secret and you were just waiting for the right time to tell people — if, in short, you have any information on these skills — spill it!

(Rants about the methods and knowledge levels of GMs are understandable, but discouraged. Thanks. :>)


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  1. levesk Says:

    Hi, it’s me (the helpful reader), I’m so sorry I forgot to give you my name.
    I’m Tanai (Levesk is my Hunter), your italian reader :)

    After talking to that GM i got onto my mount and I went to all of the areas where the mobs are in the level range in which you would expect to find the beast with one of these skills.

    I confirm, I DO believe that Gore 5 & 6 have been put into the game, but the REAL problem is that there are NO Boars or Ravagers in that level interval.
    So, even if they REALLY programmed the skills to exixt, simply there is no pet to learn them from.

    I hope we could create a thread on the official forums, or maybe ask Wowinsider to write a column: this way we may try to have a response from Blizzard about this and also about the Taming Bug.

    I find it hard to believe that 8 millions players in the world can’t find Gore 5 and 6…

    Thanks for the post :)

  2. levesk Says:

    I forgot: another skill is missing, and it’s Charge 4.
    If you check you’ll see that it should be known to boars exactly in that level range where there are NO boars around Azeroth.

  3. kiahhgo Says:

    Well i have no idea how to make a post. went through all the work to leave one so i will leave it in a reply and hope some one see’s it.

    I have been gone for awhile but as for learning the new ” skills / talents” for pet it can be done easy enough.

    First get pet with skill/talent u want and make sure pet you are about to tame can teach it.

    Second feed pet till at least yellow. (pet should be yellow as u try to learn skill/talent also)

    Third You must physicaly pull with damage to the mob. (arcane arrow)
    (very important! if u dont damage mob before pet does skill/talent u will not learn it but you can learn a differnt one. Hence for charge you must damage the mob then click charge)

    Fourth Manually click the talent / skill u want to learn.

    As pet does it you learn it. It has always been this way didnt know it was a big mystery. Just got back 2 days ago and have learned many skills/talents already. now i am camping gunther, as all my pets were gone when i got back. Any one got a trick for popping gunth yet?

    I heard of this site from random hunter on doomhammer. I was so pleased and thrilled with the site i decided to respond and hope to help it as it was much needed when i started out.

    Feel free to test it out or send swish / droo ingame tell on doomhammer. Took me 2 boars to learn the boar’s charge and what ever. It does appear you can only learn 1 skill/tallent per fight but i use to be able to do 2 per fight.

  4. levesk Says:

    I tried to post the problem on the Official Forum (EU).
    No answers by now. Here’s the link

  5. levesk Says:

    I have put the issue on the Official Forums.
    They seem not to care much…

  6. biggergun Says:

    i found something, but i dont know if its true, ill look tonight after i get off work, but see if anyone has cheched it outhttp://www.goodintentionsguild.info/hunters.html
    there is some info, sorry i hope its ok to link,

  7. Keidric Says:

    I’m a level 70 horde hunter who recently went back to Azeroth to pick up some missing skills as a alternative to farming the mats for my nearly complete Ebon Netherscale set and wanted to add a few notes.

    I didn’t find any boars with the gore/charge in question. This is disappointing because I want to tame/train a 3rd “final” pet, but want all the skills first. (I don’t feel comfortable with the tame why pet is dismissed “feature” as i’ve leveled a carrion bird and ravager to 70 and would hate to loose them.)

    – Its possible to learn skills with a red, never fed pet. (I had no fruit for the gorillas and wind serpents.)
    – Its possible to learn skills by never doing any personal damage. (Example: Charge, Ice trap, backup, repeat… till charge is learned.)
    – Its possible to learn skills like prowl and thunderstomp by not even being in combat, by simply manually pushing the button. (Works nice when running to the next mob to tame to learn skills.)

  8. levesk Says:

    Sorry for double post….

  9. Mania Says:

    Thanks for all your work on this, levesk — talking to the GMs and posting and trying to bring attention to this issue. I suspect that you are correct — that the skills are implemented in data (i.e. “in the game”) but not attached to any creatures (i.e. “not in the game”). If that’s the case, we can only hope that they decide to stick them on some other creatures, or add appropriately leveled boars, at some point.

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