Weekend Roundup (with extra Hawkbane)

I’ve updated Petopia with a handful of pre-2.1 pets I’d missed previously and some correction and changes that readers have sent to me. (Example: Dreadfang Lurkers now have Bite 8 when tamed, not 9 — and I’ve had the wrong skin for them and Dreadfang Widows for quite some time, apparently.) I haven’t much WoW or Petopia time right now, I’m afraid, so this little update is probably all I’ll get to for this week. Things should loosen up next week after we send our casual game off to the publisher.

The free time I’ve had I’ve mostly spent sitting in a dank cave in the Skethyl Mountains, or flying around the Skethyl Mountains, slaughtering cats and looking for Hawkbane. Carlan, a level 70 hunter, let me know that he had tamed Hawkbane at 9:54pm EST on 5/28 — that is, after the patch — and that Hawkbane was still at the same location at the back of the cave in the Skethyl Mountains when he found him. When I wrote back asking for more details, Carlan checked the cave again — and found Hawkbane there again. So I’ve been hanging out there myself, but so far with no luck. Perhaps it’s a server state thing, or a quest/event thing, or … well, who knows. He may just be a very randomized rare spawn.

And this brings me to something I wanted to mention. World of Warcraft is a big game and there is no way in hell any one or two people could cover all the changes and updates for all the 162 pet skins (representing over 680 pets!) without a lot of help. And so for anyone who sends us notes on their pets or random stuff they noticed or let’s us know about posts on the official forums or even (especially) tells us about errors on the site — Thank you! We really appreciate your help, because without your help this wouldn’t be even vaguely possible.


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    […] Weekend Roundup (with extra Hawkbane) I’ve updated Petopia with a handful of pre-2.1 pets I’d missed previously and some correction and changes […] […]

  2. sarimal Says:

    I spoke to a GM about Hawkbane today about ten minutes ago. He said Hawkbane isn’t currently spawning anywhere in the game due to a development issue in the last patch. I took screenshots of the conversation and they can be found in the comments under “Hawkbane” on the Thottbot website.

  3. Mania Says:

    That’s great news, sarimal! Well, no, it’s not great news, but at least it explains what’s going on and gives us hope that it will be made better. Thanks for letting us know!

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