Ghost Saber Gallery

The Ghost Saber Gallery is finally up on Petopia! Okay, it isn’t everything I was hoping to get done just yet — it only includes a few of the many great shots that you guys sent to me, it doesn’t have a mini-walkthrough on how to tame a Ghost Saber, and I wasn’t able to figure out how to fake a transparent Ghost Saber in the WoW Model Viewer. But at least it’s up!


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  1. degbunke Says:

    A little question: what does “spawned” mean in the list of cats on the site? Some of the other pets have “quest spawn” and “rare” after their names and lvls, and it’s quite obvious what that means, but “spawned”…? Is it something extra special or just a typo…?

  2. miyamirage Says:

    Its something special, as you have to open some cat statues around the area and it *might* spawn for you when doing so, with the range being somewhere between something as low as 5 statues or as high as severals tens of it…

  3. Additional Ghost Saber Info « Petopia Says:

    […] Ghost Saber Info In a comment on the Ghost Saber Gallery post, degbunke asked: A little question: what does “spawned” mean in the list of cats on the site? […]

  4. sedna51 Says:

    A related note: What are people’s experiences with taming low level pets on high level characters? I have a 70 who’d really like a Ghost Saber, but I’d like to get some idea of the effort involved in leveling one before I plunge in. Any tips would be appreciated!

  5. degbunke Says:

    Got myself a Ghost Saber now, it took me about 5-6 statues and about 30 mins (had to wait for respawn of the statues). Nice kitty, I like it already. =)

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