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In a comment on the Ghost Saber Gallery post, degbunke asked:

A little question: what does “spawned” mean in the list of cats on the site? Some of the other pets have “quest spawn” and “rare” after their names and lvls, and it’s quite obvious what that means, but “spawned”…? Is it something extra special or just a typo…?

So I thought I’d better explain.  

Petopia uses a handful of tags for each creature. ‘Elite’ and ‘Rare’ are pretty self-explanatory, although it’s somewhat helpful to know that Rare is based on the in-game designation (i.e. a silver dragon portrait) and not on spawn times. (Some of the low-level rares spawn every 15 minutes.) The only other tags are ‘Quest Spawn’ — which means that the creature only spawns when someone is on the right stage of a quest — and ‘Spawned’ — and only the Ghost Saber uses the Spawned tag because so far as I know it’s the only creature that is spawned by a triggered action outside of a quest.

Incidentally, you might well ask why the change in case between ‘Quest Spawn’ and ‘Spawned’. It’s because I felt silly calling a creature a ‘Spawn’ when all creatures are spawned somewhere, somehow. But using ‘Spawned’ implied some level of just-in-time spawning to me. *shrug*

Anyway, as far as the actual details of spawning the Ghost Saber: You go to the Ruins of Mathystra in the far north of Darkshore. You find small Cat Figurines scattered among the ruins. These look like small marble cat statues and work just like a chest. When you open a Cat Figurine, there is a chance that a Ghost Saber will spawn. If one does, you tame it.

Just to complicate matters, if you kill the Ghost Saber there is a chance you will get an item called a Cat Figurine — which is not the same as the chest and does nothing — or an item called a Glowing Cat Figurine, which can be used to summon a Ghost Saber to fight for you for 10 minutes. Of course, as hunters, it’s much easier just to tame the bloody Ghost Saber when he spawns.  

I also added this info in shortened form to the Ghost Saber page on Petopia. It’s not quite a mini-walkthrough, but it’s a start and I was able to cram it in before starting my real work for the day. :>


5 Responses to “Additional Ghost Saber Info”

  1. murphykol Says:

    Once you tame your Ghost Saber, you can continue searching for figurines to summon another Ghost Saber and kill it to get a Glowing Cat Figurine.

    You will then have a tamed Ghost Saber as a pet and one you can summon to fight for you for 10 seconds. Lots of fun running about in Ironforge, Ogrimarr or Shattrah with twin pets! :) albeit, one is only there for 10 minutes!

  2. mordreade Says:

    I had just tamed my Ghost Saber the other day, I had never been to the bottom of the well (?) thats right there, so down the stairs and into the water i went with my lil Ghost. I look around a bit and start back up, and realize Ghost isnt with me. so back down i go, and there he is…….. floating like a turd in a swimming pool, D.E.D. dead. Thats the first pet i have ever seen drown. Tried it with a few other new tames and none of them drowned. I also know nothing attacked us, or that he was poisoned or anything like that. I havent tried taking him back in any water, but will today.

  3. ghostpaw Says:

    A Ghost Saber normally dies a few minutes after it spawns; once you tame it, you just have to resurrect it after the first death.

    It doesn’t do that again. I think Blizzard did that to make sure no Ghost Sabers were prowling around the game world after being spawned.

    It didn’t drown.

  4. Mania Says:

    Shoot — I completely forgot to mention that about the weird death thing on the Ghost Saber page. But yes, most Ghost Sabers will unexpectedly die shortly after you tame them. I’ll add that to Petopia.

  5. mordreade Says:

    ahhhhhhh, no wonder. thanks.

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