This blog is moving!

Well, technically this blog is staying here. But the essence of this blog is moving to a new home: Mania’s Arcania.

As I mentioned many posts ago, I’m not entirely satisfied with the functionality I have with a free hosted blog here at — so I set up a WordPress blog on my own host, on a domain I had lying around. *grin* Then I spent the past several days playing with all that new functionality, setting up a theme and plugins and all, and getting very little done …

I’ve closed down comments here and this will be the last post I make on this blog, although this blog will remain here as a pointer to the new blog, if nothing else. All of the posts (except this one) and all of the existing comments have been transferred to the new blog, so if you’ve been reading this you can just wander over there and pick up the conversation exactly where you left off. And I do sincerely hope that you will.

I started this blog to give myself someplace to be a little more chatty, and it truly surprised me how much I’ve enjoyed it. Mania’s Arcania is both a continuation and an expansion of this blog — a more permanent and flexible place to discuss my overwhelming obsession for the past two years: the magic of hunter pets .


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