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Welcome to the (now defunct) Petopia blog! This blog was started as an adjunct of Petopia, one of the premier fan sites on the web devoted to exploring hunter pets in the MMO game World of Warcraft. I started this blog because, while I very much enjoyed my work as editor of Petopia(*), I wanted a place where I could be a bit more chatty about my experiences with pets and my work on that site.

But after working with this blog for some months, I decided that I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to expand — and specifically to host the blog myself on my own domain. Thus was Mania’s Arcania born!

Mania’s Arcania is an both a continuation and an extension of this Petopia blog. It contains all of the content — both articles and comments — from this blog, but unlike this blog it is still being updated. In addition, it contains more extensive news on the WoW hunter community, theorycraft, and commentary, plus news about Petopia as well as my other hunter pet ventures. So if you’ve enjoyed this blog at all, please join us over at Mania’s Arcania.

Cloud and I
Cloud and Mania
It took a few fishy treats, but I convinced Cloud to pose with me in Orgrimmar.

* One question I am often asked is: How did you come up with the idea for Petopia? To which I have to answer: I didn’t. Petopia is the brain child and largely the creation of Brash Endeavors, a most talented woman whom I first met via the venerable MMO Asheron’s Call. I got involved with Petopia a while after it launched, first as a grateful user and then as someone who occasionally contributed content. Then in late 2005 Brash mentioned that she was moving on to other games for a time and I volunteered to keep the site up to date. 


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